'Happy' the goat is a birthday wish fulfilled

"Happy" the goat is the birthday present Janie Staloch was hoping for. Happy is now one of four goats in Good Samaritan – Albert Lea's herd.

Janie Staloch's family celebrated her 90th birthday with the gift of Happy the goat.

Janie Staloch, a resident at Good Samaritan – Albert Lea, knew what she wanted for her 90th birthday. She told her family, “I want my own goat!”

The care center is well known for being home to three goats and some chickens. The animals live in the care center’s courtyard where residents and visitors can watch their antics.

On her birthday, Janie’s family made sure she received her birthday wish, and the center welcomed "Happy" to their herd.

I love watching the goats from my room. And I named my goat Happy because she makes me happy. The other residents enjoy her too.” – Janie Staloch, Good Samaritan – Albert Lea resident 

'Happy' the goat stands in the courtyard of his new home.

Happy stands in the courtyard of the Good Samaritan – Albert Lea.

Janie’s family is also making gifts to pay for Happy’s shelter, food and any additional costs.

“This wonderful gift is one of the most creative contributions our center has received,” says Katie Davis, executive director, Good Samaritan – Albert Lea.

The center depends on the generosity of donors to support its programs and activities. Gifts can bring a little extra joy, or support programs like the benevolence fund that help residents in need of financial assistance. Larger current-day or estate gifts also make renovations or new programs possible.

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