Housekeeping supervisor embodies Society’s century-old values

Kori Madche

In its 100th year, the Good Samaritan Society continues to uphold and celebrate the mission, vision and values that have steered the organization through a century of service.

One way the Society celebrates its ideals is by recognizing employees within the organization who regularly demonstrate them.

Kori Madche, the housekeeping supervisor at Good Samaritan Society – Lakota, is one of those employees. According to her peers, she embodies many of the values that the Society holds dear, especially service, calling and advancement.

A jack of all trades

Kori has been with Good Samaritan Society – Lakota for just over a year. She started as a housekeeping assistant but quickly worked her way up to housekeeping supervisor. She takes pride in making the space feel like home and enjoys interacting with residents.

“I want to give the residents a happy and clean home,” Kori said. “And I get to have great conversations while doing so.”

But Kori does more than clean. In the year she’s been with Good Samaritan Society – Lakota, she has also helped in the kitchen and taken classes to become a certified nursing assistant (CNA). She had never considered becoming a CNA before last year.

“A few employees here saw that potential in me and told me I should go for it, and Good Samaritan Society helped me complete the classes,” Kori said. “The fact that I have been able to expand my experience has been so great.”

Her initiative and eagerness to learn has impressed her peers, and her spirit has made her a friend to residents.

“We’ve noticed great improvements in the cleanliness of our building and appreciate her willingness to take on new and challenging tasks,” said Anna Halvorson, administrator at Good Samaritan Society – Lakota. “Not only does she bring excellence to her department, but she brings a sense of comfort to our residents.”

Kori is grateful that the Good Samaritan Society has helped her develop new, relevant skills. She said she hopes to continue finding better ways to serve residents and their families.

Turning 100

This year, thanks to devoted employees like Kori, the Good Samaritan Society is hitting an important milestone: 100 years of service.

Kori attributes that longevity to the organization’s steady commitment to its values.

“We are family-oriented, faith-based and in touch with our communities,” Kori said. “I think that’s why it’s worked for so long.”

Speaking of family, Kori feels like she’s got one at Good Samaritan Society – Lakota.

“Between residents and staff, we’re one big family here. That makes it a great place to live and work.”

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