How to thrive in long-term care

At this point of sale, you’ll find resident Moyne Johnson making it a point to volunteer.

“People love coming here and getting the things that we have,” Moyne says, working the cash register at the Country Store.

The kind cashier inside Good Samaritan Society – Loveland Village in Colorado, always rings up plenty to do.

“It really is a special place,” Moyne says about the location featuring a full continuum of care.

“It gets me out of my room. I don’t like to spend all my time in my room. I’m seldom there. I love doing this. I love volunteering."

Senior living administrator Holly Turner adds, “I can’t even tell you everything that she does. It’s way too much for me to comprehend."

'So much love here'

Environmental services supervisor Christine Gibbs often catches Moyne going up and down the halls.

“What can I say about Moyne? Moyne is much more than a resident here. She’s like my family,” Christine says.

“We hug regularly and she just spreads love everywhere here."

And she means everywhere.

“I know all of the people in here pretty much. I never go down the hall without somebody saying, ‘Hi Moyne!’” Moyne says.

“We can go from one end to the next and be a part of all the activities that are going on. We are not made to stay in our own area. That’s really an advantage to living inLoveland Village."

Calling the village’s long-term care center home now for 11 years, the 90-year-old plays cards with friends five times a week, serves as president of the resident council, and participates in three Bible studies.

“There was so much love here that you feel it the minute you walk in this building, I think. I’ve had many people say that as they come and visit that they can just feel God’s love here,” Moyne says.

'Culture of engagement'

A welcoming and active culture is in play every day.

“We have a culture of engagement and empowerment for our residents. So, we give them a say, we listen to them and it gives them ownership. They really feel like this is home,” Holly says.

“This is a village. This is a whole village. We have everything that you would need to live right here from outdoor walking paths, beautiful scenery to all of our amenities inside."

Coming off three back surgeries when she moved in, Moyne is grateful the caregivers keep her rolling.

“I really needed – and they have given me – so much help. As you can see today, I’m really with it,” Moyne says.

“It’s one of the best places in the world to live."

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