Resident beats the odds to recover from COVID-19

Resident beats the odds to recover from COVID-19

Great health care, a fighting spirit and the power of prayer all played a role in Krisann Hoskins’ recovery from COVID-19.

Krisann, 52, a resident at Good Samaritan – Bethany in Brainerd, Minnesota, spent 10 days in a hospital battling the virus, with health care workers unsure if she would pull through.

“She’s a fighter. She’s determined,” says her husband William Hoskins.

Krisann has several health challenges, including diabetes and kidney failure. She tested positive for COVID-19 on May 26 and became unresponsive during two subsequent dialysis appointments. Because of her compromised health, she was transferred to a hospital in St. Cloud, Minnesota, to receive inpatient dialysis care.

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“We’re very thankful for the doctors and the nurses at Centra Care Hospital and the alertness of the staff at Bethany,” says Arvella Felton, Krisann’s mom.

Bethany’s nurse managers and senior staff members had access to Krisann’s hospital patient chart so they could follow her progress.

“There was a time we didn’t believe she would come back to us,” says Randi Martin, a nurse manager at Bethany.

An experimental treatment

As Krisann’s health declined in the hospital, a doctor told the family there was one last resort to try. It was an experimental treatment using convalescent plasma therapy. The therapy uses antibodies from people who have recovered from coronavirus disease to help boost a person’s ability to fight the virus.

“We thank God that the convalescent plasma was available,” says Arvella.

After Krisann received the treatment, Arvella says it was amazing how quickly her daughter’s health improved. On June 8, Krisann returned to Bethany.

Randi says that she and her co-workers were shocked and thankful.

Her coming back to us gave us hope because we really didn’t think she would. She is a miracle. All of the staff feel that way.” – Randi Martin, nurse manager. 

Krisann Hoskins gives a wave as she moves back to her room at Good Samaritan – Bethany. Staff member Sabrina Meide pushes her wheelchair.
Krisann Hoskins gives a wave as she moves back to her room at Good Samaritan – Bethany. Staff member Sabrina Meide pushes her wheelchair.

Going home again

At Bethany, Krisann was in quarantine for more than 14 days. She’s since moved back to her room and is receiving rehabilitation therapy.

Therapists are helping Krisann gain back her maximum function in eating, standing, dressing and self-positioning in her wheelchair and recliner.

“As her strength grows, she’ll be able to walk again with assistance from staff, which is something she was doing prior to her illness,” says Randi.

Support for the whole family

Even before Krisann’s diagnosis, William has had the support of the Good Samaritan’s Connection Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

The Connection Center takes calls from people looking for more information about senior care and services. Elise Citrowski, a Connection specialist, says the team’s goal is to get to know people and see how they can help.

During the pandemic, connection specialists have also been making calls to residents’ emergency contacts to keep them updated on location-specific COVID-19 information.

One of the contacts has been William, who’s developed a friendship with specialists he’s been receiving calls from since mid-May.

He often gave them updates on Krisann’s progress and asked for prayer.

“We’re all invested in Krisann’s recovery,” says Elise. “We don’t know Kris, but we love Kris because we know William.”

Sweet reunion

Back at Bethany, Randi and her co-workers are ready to see Krisann and William together again. Before the pandemic, William spent a lot of time at the center with his wife and volunteered there.

“Seeing the two of them together is so neat,” says Randi. “They’re just a beautiful love story. They’re best friends and are always laughing.”

Residents are like family here


Information in this article was accurate when it was posted. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, scientific understanding and guidelines may have changed since the original publication date. Read more about the COVID-19 vaccines.

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