Respite care helps a family discover the benefits of senior living

When Carolyn Housden was living at home, she didn’t get to socialize with others as much as she wanted and meals were stressful for her and her husband to plan and prepare.

“Carolyn has Alzheimer’s and we felt she’d be better off in a place where she has more activities to do rather than just sitting around all day at home,” says her husband, Richard Housden.

The family knew the Good Samaritan Society had a long history of caring for seniors and they felt comfortable with Carolyn trying respite care at Good Samaritan Society – Water Valley Senior Living Resort in Windsor, Colorado.

She was hesitant at first, but Carolyn agreed to visit and take part in activities. After a few weeks, she decided to try staying there for a week to see if she liked it.

“We let her make the decision,” says Tami Housden, daughter-in-law of Carolyn. “It worked out so well.”

Becoming a full-time resident

During her week as a respite care resident, Carolyn realized how much she liked Water Valley. She soon moved in and became a full-time resident.

“Everybody here is very friendly, very helpful,” states Richard. “It’s been very, very good so far. She’s had lots of activities and people to talk to and she’s made a lot of friends.”

Carolyn receives all her meals, medication management and housekeeping, along with extra help whenever she needs it.

“If she doesn’t go down for a meal, they go ask her if she’s coming to make sure she’s eating regularly and getting the appropriate nutrition,” Tami says.

Carolyn spends a lot of time outside of her apartment in the community gathering spaces getting to know people and participating in activities. She gets the activity schedule a week in advance so she can decide what she wants to attend.

Surrounded by friends

Being a social person, Carolyn likes to visit with people. She enjoys the socializing she gets to do at Water Valley.

“I still feel like I’m a teenager,” says Carolyn. “I’m always busy doing stuff because that’s how I grew up. And it’s just fun. We’re busy all the time.”

She likes making crafts, playing bingo, going to devotions, and gathering to eat with her friends. She and her family appreciate how kind the staff members and residents are.

“If you need something, they’ll come and do it for you,” says Carolyn.

Her family is impressed by how assisted living and the full activity schedule have improved Carolyn’s mood and outlook.

“I love how happy she’s been,” Tami says.

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