Companionship a common thread at assisted living location

Stitching together community, one quilt at a time, Good Samaritan Society residents Violet Jans and Yvonne Bornemann are turning a rarely used theater room into a crafting coliseum at Augusta Place in Bismarck, North Dakota.

"I got to do something, or I go wild. That’s the truth,” Violet, 70, jokes about her favorite hobby.

You'll find both sharing the space almost every day with several others. Working with donations, the crew creates warm gifts for friends, family and staff members.

“She is my partner in crime by all means,” Yvonne, 88, says.

The common thread here is companionship.

“Everybody is so kind and loving. We really are together until late at night sometimes. It’s a great fellowship,” Yvonne says.

Fellowship on a campus featuring assisted and independent living, hospice services, rehab and long-term care.

“People come in and keep company. That’s great. It’s family,” Violet says.

'Could not ask for a better life'

No person nor scrap of cloth discarded here.

“The pieces are wasted," Yvonne says pointing at material on a table. "I couldn’t throw this away for anything, no!"

Violet adds, “It’s a lot of work involved but I love to do it. I’ve done a lot of things in my days."

Neighbors at the assisted living location, the two say the Society’s backing means they’re clear of cooking and cleaning.

“A lot of love pours out from here I think,” Yvonne says. “We play cards or Aggravation and sometimes it’s 10-10:30 p.m. It helps us because I can be awful lonesome."

Violet and Yvonne also join walking groups and find opportunities to garden at the location.

“It makes it wonderful. It’s home,” Yvonne says. “I don’t want to cook. I don’t have to go get groceries. I’m absolutely free."

“I actually could not ask for a better life at my age."

Each resident weaving together their own tapestry of life.

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