Prescott Valley, Ariz. – “Is there anything I can help with?”

That was the question before Trevor Guthmiller, administrator at Good Samaritan – Prescott Valley. He was visiting with the daughter of one of his residents on the phone.

“She complimented our great care and then asked if there was anything we needed that she could help with,” Guthmiller recalls. 

The most meaningful way families can show gratitude is through giving. At the moment, there was a need for a new vitals cart in the long-term care wing. This essential technology is used to monitor vital health signs such as blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, pulse and temperature.

The long-term care wing also happens to be where the woman’s father lives. “When I told her about the machine, she said she’d be interested in helping us get a new one,” Guthmiller said.

Thanks to her gift, he was able to find a replacement. She chose to remain anonymous to protect her father’s privacy.

The new cart is now out on the floor where it is used every day.

“The cart helps us make sure residents remain healthy and cared for,” Guthmiller said. “I am so grateful for this family and their compassionate gift.”

You can help support priorities like vital medical equipment at the Good Samaritan when you make a gift online.