The Good Samaritan Society is ready to meet with you wherever you are during the pandemic.

Visitation restrictions and state guidance on leaving home have relaxed in many of our markets. Still, some families feel unsure about planning visits at our locations.

Staff members have been going virtual across the country to provide insights and welcome prospective residents into our safe communities.

“Before COVID, I would say our industry was very much about in-person, on-site interactions. We’ve really had to adapt to new ways of connecting with people,” Director of Marketing Melissa O’Hara says.

Going virtual for tours and more

Melissa says families seeking senior living, long-term care or home-based services can connect with staff instantly in a variety of ways.

From virtual tours to personalized video messages, people like Pam Webb are happy to help. Pam is the Marketing Coordinator at Good Samaritan Society – Loveland Village in Colorado.

She says the messages are “helping people see and love our community when they can’t even be here.”

“I’ve been through the process with my parents twice, needing to live in a senior living community. My dad had Alzheimer’s. I think sharing that with folks with different situations helps build trust because they know that we understand where they’re coming from,” Pam says.

That’s her new mission and she’s not alone. Good Samaritan Society employees are doing this in many locations. In Mohall, North Dakota, Jessica Plesuk is using a video message to showcase a beautiful space for a future resident with a green thumb.

“She was really painting the picture of what she was going to be experiencing when she comes to live at Good Samaritan,” Melissa says.

At Good Samaritan Society - Pohai Nani in Kaneohe, Hawaii, Rob Ching is connecting with a family and featuring the beautiful scenery.

These messages are a quick way to respond to any questions or needs a family might have.

Providing peace of mind

These efforts are providing peace of mind for seniors and their loved ones.

“We are seeing more inquiries right now than we did a year ago. That just tells you that people are planning for their future and are just ready to take that next step,” Melissa says.

They can feel safe while searching for their next place to call home.

“We’re here to help them along their journey,” Melissa says.

If you are thinking about moving to a senior living community but not sure where to begin, there are many options.

Most locations are taking appointments for virtual tours or video calls. You can either call our connection center or your nearby Good Samaritan Society location. You can also go to our resources page to learn more about downsizing, options, costs and other things to consider.