As you begin your rehab journey, keep these four tips from Misty in mind.

Don’t let your limitations define you

At the start of a new session, Misty tries to connect with each person by talking through their goals for everyday living. Is there a specific task they would like to be able to do again? If your goal is to walk again, don’t lose sight of it. “Sometimes (clients) come in and don’t think they can do the things they can,” she says.

Starting is half the battle

In recovery, Misty says, if you get up and do one thing, you’ll feel better and have a new sense of confidence. It’s worth the effort to try, because if you continue to do what you’ve always done, you’ll continue to feel how you’ve always felt.

Take it minute by minute

Misty’s motto is to set small, attainable goals. “When we reach those, we move on to the next,” she says. When you start small, every movement is an accomplishment worth celebrating.

Try to do something every day

On the wall of the gym at Hot Springs Village is the motto, “Every muscle, every way, every day.” To start, stand up, take one step, do one exercise, and don’t let discouragement stop you from regaining strength and health and reaching your rehab goals.

Rehabilitation therapy is a vital part of regaining strength and recovery.

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