Tips for talking to your parents about getting in-home medical care

Daughter talking with her mother in a apartment kitchen

Are your aging parents or a loved one struggling with home or personal tasks and need help? Do you feel overwhelmed by their requests for help, but unsure how to tell them?

Use the following conversation starters to help you talk about how home care could benefit your mom or dad — and you.

I know you don't want to leave your home.

Assisted living communities and nursing homes aren't the only options anymore. Home care services have one goal: To take care of your needs so you can focus on more of what matters most to you.

Getting help from a qualified home care agency means you can stay in your home, but still get the assistance you need.

I understand you need time to get used to the idea.

By talking about home care now, while you can choose an agency you like with home care services that meet your needs, we can prevent a lot of uncertainty down the road.

I can't always be here exactly when you need me.

Home care can match your schedule. If you need someone to come over three times a day for glucose testing, or you just want some help with yard work twice a week, home care can be tailored to give you what you need — when you need it.

Home care also offers other help with simple daily tasks like meal preparation, medication reminders, light housekeeping and even companionship.

I know it’s hard to let another person help you, but technology might be an option.

Wearable heart rate monitors, fitness trackers and other digital devices are mainstream now, and similar technologies could offer 24-hour assistance to help us both monitor your health.

I understand you have concerns about safety and privacy.

I know it might feel scary to let a stranger into your home. But a qualified home care agency is licensed, bonded and insured appropriately.

We can meet with the agency staff members together, to make sure everyone feels comfortable.

Good to know: Medicare does not typically cover routine in-home services.

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These staff members have specialized training, and will offer you the same discretion and respect as they would provide in a hospital or nursing home setting.

I know you worry about the cost.

Home care could be an affordable option. Because an aide can handle all the care, or split it with me, the costs are minimized.

We can talk with the agency about what payment options they accept, or assistance programs you may qualify for.

Most home care agencies offer free in-home consultations, where you can talk about what you and your parents need and want help with.

Staff members can help explain the services they offer, and give your parents an idea of exactly what to expect.

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