Affordable Senior Housing

Find out if you qualify for Good Samaritan Society affordable housing

Affordable housing, also called income-based housing, are communities where either financial assistance is available or the rent is controlled for those who live there. In these communities, we strive to provide safe, clean, and affordable housing to those who qualify for programs specific to that location.

Residents at affordable housing properties live in their own apartments that they may furnish as they like. Many of our affordable housing options are part of a larger Good Samaritan Society campus, where additional care options and housing are available, if needed.

Activities, socials and spiritual opportunities are offered at many of our Good Samaritan Society affordable housing communities. Additional services, such as home care, social services, transportation, and meals, may be available at an additional cost.

Find out if you qualify for Good Samaritan Society affordable housing

Examples of affordable housing programs

Affordable housing options include:

  • HUD-subsidized communities
  • Low-income housing tax credit communities
  • Rural development communities

Income and age guidelines apply to each type of these affordable housing communities, which may vary by location and program.

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Examples of affordable housing programs

Considering affordable housing?

If you're interesting in knowing more about affordable housing options, here are some helpful tips:

  • Don't assume you won't qualify. Affordable housing eligibility is based on income, not assets.
  • It's never too early to start looking. Most affordable housing locations have a waiting list. Start checking things out now to see what is available in your area.
  • Be flexible. If you are willing to relocate, your chances to get in sooner may increase.

Once you have found a location that meets your needs, get on the waiting list. There are preliminary eligibility requirements, so you'll want to call us for details.

Considering affordable housing?

Amenities you can expect in affordable housing

Our affordable housing properties offer a home where you or your loved one will feel valued and as safe and secure as possible.

But what do you get for your money? What can you generally expect before moving in?

Below are amenities you'll typically find at our affordable housing properties. Please keep in mind that each Good Samaritan Society property is different. Not all amenities listed are available at every location.

Apartment Basics

  • Your apartment will have carpeting, blinds and appliances. You'll also have access to a washer and dryer.
  • On-site meals and transportation options take away the hassle of leaving campus if you don't want to.
  • Best of all, our apartments were designed specifically for seniors, not as multi-family units.

Paid Utilities

  • Excluding cable TV, all utilities are included in your monthly fee.

Wellness Options

  • Group activities mean you'll always have something to do.
  • Communal spaces may include an exercise room, community room or library.
  • Additional amenities may include home health or telehealth services. If available, these options can be added on as needed.
  • Many of our locations are currently seeking new residents. Click the link below to find a location near you.

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Amenities you can expect in affordable housing

Do I qualify for Affordable Housing?

The term "affordable housing" is an industry term to classify properties that participate in certain federal programs designed to create housing for people on limited incomes. In Good Samaritan Society owned and managed affordable housing communities, there are age and income qualifications all households must meet.

The most accurate information will come from the property manager at the community you're interested in, but the following is an overview of some of the basic qualifications.

  • Age Requirements

    The minimum age ranges from 50 to 62, depending on the property, with some age exceptions for people with disabilities. In most properties, only one member of the household must meet the age requirement.

  • Income Guidelines

    Residents must have limited incomes. The limits vary depending on which federal programs the property participates in, and what units are available on the property. Limits are established by comparing a resident's income to the area median (mid-point) income.

  • Screening

    All applicants undergo background and credit checks.

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