Are non-medical services right for my family?

Are non-medical services right for my family?

Does your loved one need more help than you have time for?

If this sounds familiar, non-medical home care services may be what you're looking for.

Non-medical, in-home services may also be known as private duty care or home care.

At the Good Samaritan Society, we call it Services@Home.


These services can include everything from lending a hand around the house to giving your loved one some extra social time.

Depending on the agency, home care services might also include respite care, companionship, light housekeeping, and assistance with dressing, personal hygiene and grooming.

When determining what agency is right for you and your loved one, it's important to find one that provides the services that best fit your needs.

personal assistant visits with home care client

If mom needs help with vacuuming, finding an agency that provides housekeeping is a necessity.

Or if dad needs help getting dressed in the morning, finding a caregiver who can provide that service is important.

If your parents need more skilled care, like professional nursing assistance or therapy services, home health may be what you need.


Home care should also be a convenience — for both you and your loved one. That means hiring home care providers to fit your schedules.

Having in-home services will give you and your loved one more time to spend together.

The best way to know if in-home services are best for your family is to give them a try. You can cancel anytime.

Find an agency near you

Trying temporary home care services will give you and your family members a comfortable opportunity to decide if the services are meeting your needs.

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