We have answers to your top questions about rehab therapy and assisted living. Read more below.

Rehab therapy

What should I consider when choosing a rehab therapy program?
There are some key things to remember when you need rehab therapy. Read more.

How do I choose a rehab therapy program?
Learn three important things you should keep in mind if you need rehab therapy.

How long does rehab therapy last?
The length of time you’ll need for rehab therapy depends on what you’re recovering from. Learn more.

Why is occupational therapy important?
Occupational therapy helps people become as independent as possible after an illness or injury. Learn how it helps.

Assisted Living

What are the benefits of assisted living?
Assisted living offers residents help with daily activities in the comfort of their own apartment. Learn about more of the benefits of a senior living community.

How do I talk to my parents about assisted living?
Read seven practical tips to help you explain the benefits of assisted living to your mom or dad.

How do I pay for senior care? Does the Good Samaritan Society take Medicaid or Medicare?
There are many options when it comes to paying for health care expenses as you get older, including Medicaid and Medicare. Learn more.

What amenities are included in the Good Samaritan Society’s assisted living communities?
When you move to an assisted living apartment, you’ll have options for meals, as well as wellness programs, social opportunities and more. Find out what we offer.