Debunking 6 myths about assisted living

Debunking 6 myths about assisted living

Many seniors are hesitant to move into assisted living because of the myths and misconceptions that are associated with these communities. Here are the six most common myths and why they’re false:

Myth #1: Assisted living is the same thing as a nursing home
Truth: Assisted living communities offer residents housing and varying levels of support for daily activities and household tasks. Seniors who live in assisted living communities have their own apartments that provide them with a flexible amount of independence so they can enjoy active, social lifestyles.

Nursing homes, on the other hand, are long-term care centers that offer comprehensive, around-the-clock care to support their residents.

Myth #2: You have to be sick or disabled to be a resident
Truth: Many of assisted living residents have very few chronic conditions and simply choose to live in a place where they can have a little extra assistance with daily activities.

Myth #3: You will lose your independence
Truth: This often comes as a surprise to many seniors, but moving to an assisted living community can actually give you more independence than you’re used to!

The staff at these locations work with residents and their loved ones to plan out the level of care for that individual so they don’t have to worry about doing the activities they no longer want to do. This often frees up seniors’ schedules so they can spend more time with friends and family and doing the hobbies they enjoy.

Myth #4: You won’t have any privacy
Truth: Assisted living buildings are like any other private residence – visitors are only there when you want them to be and staff will only come inside to help during the times you’ve asked them to.

Myth #5: Assisted living is boring and lonely
Truth: Actually, many assisted living residents find that their schedules are busier now than they were before they arrived!

These communities bring together people in similar life stages which makes them great for socializing. Additionally, all locations offer activities and programs for the residents to participate in.

For example, at Good Samaritan Society - Augusta Place in Bismarck, North Dakota, assisted living residents have become good friends while enjoying a fulfilling hobby!

Myth #6: Assisted living is too expensive
Truth: Assisted living can be paid for through a few different options. It’s also important to note that the cost of assisted living includes many services seniors would already have to fund on their own in retirement.

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