Messages can be hand-delivered at the Good Samaritan Society

Visitors add a little extra joy or comfort to a resident’s day.

During this time, as COVID-19 concerns restrict visitors for the health and safety of residents and employees, the Good Samaritan Society has ways to help family and friends brighten a resident’s day.

1. Send your greetings

The Send a Note service for Good Samaritan Society residents lets family and friends fill out a simple form so they can send a personal message to them. First, you choose the location where your loved one lives. Then fill out the form, which has an option to add a photo. The resident will receive the message within 48 hours. If you don’t know a resident personally but would still like to offer a greeting to anyone who could use one, select a location and then type “any resident” in the name field.

2. Visit a resident virtually

Staff members at Good Samaritan Society locations are trying to help residents see their loved ones through technology. In Beatrice, Nebraska, Skype has been downloaded to center-provided Kindles. FaceTime is another option offered to residents to be able to see friends and family. Zoom, available on staff laptops there, makes it possible to talk with family members in multiple locations at the same time.

3. Send a gift

For those who want to bring special joy to a resident, order an online gift that can be delivered or mailed.

4. Visit a CaringBridge site

The CaringBridge website offers an excellent way for a resident to easily update friends and family about an illness. You can set up a CaringBridge site, update a CaringBridge site or visiting a loved one’s site. Start here.