Active resident enjoys ‘the village life’ in Nebraska

After 37 years in the banking industry, Bev Frerichs is cruising into the next stage of life at Good Samaritan Society – Hastings Village in Nebraska.

“It is home. I’m very comfortable. I feel very secure. I feel safe,” the 81-year-old says.

Bev steered her family to the sprawling community, with a lot to offer, 10 years ago.

“Six months later, I completely retired so I could enjoy the village life,” Bev says regarding the 100-plus acre campus with a full continuum of care.

And boy does she enjoy the life here. Driving to the Society's diner or activities on her golf cart, Bev is right in the middle of everything.

The recent "volunteer of the year" donates her time at the Society's bargain center, library and community center advisory board.

Sisterly love and rivalry

Maybe the highlight of her week, a raucous shuffleboard club.

“There’s 12 of us. We take turns bringing treats. You’ve got to have coffee. Got to have treats,” Bev says.

Competition can get a little intense at times.

“Oh just a little bit. My sister lives on campus. She’s very competitive," Bev said.

"To be truthful, I don’t like to play when she’s playing. She’s very competitive. She likes to knock my puck off every time. That’s an inside story."

Society staff member Erica Mangers adds, "Oh I have watched that, yes. And then I back out. Between her and her sister, I think I’m going to get a puck right to the face."

“Those things slide fast,” Erica says laughing.

'This is important to me'

Erica and the rest of her team believe Bev to be a campus delight.

“She is always out and about in this community, promoting her smile, her warmth, her kindness from the bargain center to the library to Meals on Wheels and just being a great, great advocate,” Erica says.

“You can’t put a price tag on that. That means everything."

Bev says, “I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t live here. Especially after losing a loved one. It’s very hard.

"Her husband Ray died two years ago. Downsizing from an acreage to a support system at the Society got her through.

“It’s kept me going. I don’t have to sit at home being sorry for myself. I get out probably every day. There’s something going on here at this campus,” Bev said. “The staff are very, very nice. They know you. They know you and they hug you."

Being around encouraging people has been key to her quality of life.

“This is important to me. I have to admit. I love it,” Bev said.

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