Staying at home versus moving to assisted living

In-home nurse assisting senior gentleman with his jacket.

Seniors may feel hesitant about making the move to an assisted living community. Some people think the transition will come with a decrease in independence and quality of life.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Assisted living helps older adults lead healthier, happier lives thanks to quality care and services.

Alone at home

Living alone can increase a person’s risk of feeling isolated or lonely. These feelings in turn lead to an increased risk of developing depression according to the American Psychological Association.

The risk of loneliness and isolation go up during winter, too. People are afraid to leave home with icy sidewalks and cold weather. When they move to the Good Samaritan Society, they don’t need to worry about that.

Another potential issue at home is safety. A person living alone may have to wait for help. At the Good Samaritan Society, our team is ready to act fast in the case of a fall or medical emergency. Residents all have a pendant available to use to call for help when they need it.

Finally, staying home can sometimes make good meals hard to come by.

When people alone, they may not eat right because it can be hard to get motivated to cook for one and then eat by themselves.

Life in assisted living

One of the ways the Society takes care of residents is through quality nutrition. Residents get three healthy meals a day that they can enjoy with friends.

Assisted living takes care of the basics, from laundry to housekeeping to medication management. Our team also makes sure residents take care of themselves.

Sometimes that includes reminders for bathing or other grooming tasks.

Residents moving to assisted living can choose a one - or two-bedroom apartment and make it feel like home. Neighbors and staff are always nearby.

Our team is trained to consistently interact with residents. And there are a variety of social, wellness and spiritual activities planned every week .

Now is a great time to join one of the Good Samaritan Society’s assisted living communities.

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