Staying at home versus moving to assisted living

Debating whether to stay home or move into an assisted living community? Good Samaritan Society would like to help. The Society can provide many services to keep you healthy and happy, especially during a pandemic.

“Moving now, during the pandemic, is something residents shouldn’t fear,” Society Nursing and Clinical Services Manager Kathy Manning says.

Alone at home

The social isolation and loneliness from living alone in your home can actually increase your odds of developing depression, according to the American Psychological Association. At the Society’s locations across the country, staff is trained to interact with residents consistently.

If you take a look at the risks of loneliness and isolation and further with winter coming, that is isolating in and of itself. People are afraid to leave home. Icy sidewalks. Cold weather. This way, they don’t really need to worry about that and we can take care of them." – Kathy Manning, Good Samaritan Society Nursing and Clinical Services Manager

Residents moving to assisted living enjoy one or two-bedroom apartments with services from laundry to housekeeping, activities that support well-being and more.

One of the ways the Society takes care of residents is through quality nutrition. Good meals can often fall to the wayside at home.

“They may not eat right. It’s really hard to get motivated to cook for one. Then you’ve got to eat by yourself,” Kathy says.

Compare staying at home versus moving to assisted living during COVID-19


Residents get three healthy meals each day at our centers. Expertly trained workers serve the food and can assist with medications.

“People coming to us need assistance most often with medication. Sometimes, it’s just making sure that they are taking a bath the way that they need to,” Kathy says.

Limiting exposure to COVID-19

With the same staff members interacting with residents on a regular basis, it limits exposure to COVID-19.

“The staff are extremely well-trained in how to keep not only themselves safe but residents safe and their families safe,” Kathy says.

That staff is also critical when something goes wrong. At home, you may have to wait a while for help. At Good Samaritan Society, immediate assistance is available in case of a fall or an emergency.

“They can wear a button that just allows them to call for help when they need that,” Kathy says.

When you’re ready to move, it’s safe and easy to make it happen. The Society is scheduling move-in times in advance and a few family members can help you get settled.

“We’re screening those family members just to make sure that they’re safe as well,” Kathy says.

It’s a great time to join one of Good Samaritan Society's communities.


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