A cherished melody can lift the spirit like nothing else.

Used in therapy sessions, music also has the power to help heal the body and mind, fight depression, improve memory and so much more.

Thanks to the support of donors, the Good Samaritan – Lake Forest Village in Denton, Texas, has been able to bring the benefits of music therapy to residents of its Health Care Center.

“Each week, residents have become more engaged in the program, have a new place to discuss negative feelings, and have decreased feelings of anxiety,” said Jennifer Barton, LMSW, director of social services at Lake Forest Village.

Especially through months of increased isolation due to the pandemic, the program has also brought people a little extra joy and connection.

“I loved doing music therapy so much because it was interesting and not what I normally do,” said one resident.

 “It [music therapy] was so much fun!” said another.

Each therapy session features activities like musical warmups that use songs from early life experiences, deep lyrical discussion, time with instruments, colorful drumming, sensory glides and stimulation, and songs for memory recall.

The goals of therapy are tailored to each individual, and may focus on: 

  • Increasing social engagement
  • Decreasing negative feelings such as depression, anxiety, and loneliness
  • Increasing cognition and improving fine/gross motor dexterity, reflexes, hand-eye coordination, responsiveness, alertness, and other neurological and physical skills
  • Benefiting emotional, physical, and mental well-being

“We’ve seen people experience real breakthroughs from their time in music therapy sessions,” Barton said. “We hope to expand the benefits of this program to more of the individuals our facility cares for.”


Give well-being, comfort and connection

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